#327; Summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen.

After a lackluster June & July, my 30th birthday two weeks ago seemed to be a turning point in my summer in Boston. Suddenly, there was promise on the warm air, instead of dread. Suddenly, I found myself with my time, more energy, more hope, and more noise. I love having a lot of noise in my life – loud stories being told over cold beers, music you can’t hear yourself think over, laughter that echoes.

August has been very good to me already so I bring some quick reviews & ruminations. There will be more in the coming days, and I’d love to hear how your summers are going as well!

Guardians of the Galaxy – Monday, August 4th, AMC Loews Boston Common 19. A friend decided Monday afternoon that he wanted to see a movie, and after much facebook lobbying from the peanut gallery, he decided to see a late night showing of GotG downtown. I immediately invited myself. I had just finished my first ‘official’ day the new job and wanted to be out in the city with my good mood. I met up with said friend as well as two more recently acquired friends (many thanks, Young Democrats, by the way, for always bringing interesting, excited people into my life). The movie was amazing – as I’m sure you’ve heard by now. Both throwback and totally futuristic, beautiful and ill-kept, hilarious and thought-provoking. I continue to love the Marvel Cinematic Universe and this was one of the best entries yet. Post-movie there were beers to be had at JM Curley’s (my favorite late-night pub downtown). We told stories with the bartender of days long past, 90210, New Kids on the Block, and the folklore of our generation.

The 100 Foot Journey – Tuesday, August 5th, AMC Loews Boston Common 19 – press viewing. Best friend Chef Kat won free tickets to the press viewing of the bets food porn movie of the year. At turns really funny and really romantic, Journey really would be a great date movie, but I was glad to share the experience with my best girl friend – made the swooning over Manish Dayal less awkward.

Shakespeare on the Common – Wednesday, August 6th, Twelfth Night. Feeling so buoyant after two nights of artsy conversations and good film, I blasted my facebook friends with an invitation to join me on a blanket on the Common for the 19th season production of Shakespeare on the Common. This year’s Twelfth Night was hilarious (Sir Andrew & Feste of course stole the show) and gorgeous. The evening was a smorgasbord for the senses, with music, the smell of flowers in the air, wonderfully bright colors, and even a shooting star in the middle of the show! Half a dozen friends from as many different social groups showed up and we all seemed to bond over a common love of the fantastic and dramatic.

Wednesday evening as we all made our way home, I commented that sharing great art with great friends really is what a perfect summer is made for, and I think I was right.

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