#328; one month until #MApoli’s Primaries

We here in Massachusetts are a lucky bunch. We have an incredible group of talented, passionate, liberal professionals running for our state offices this year. I do, however, have to make a choice about who I’m supporting. Next month is the Massachusetts state Primaries, s such, I’m proud to discuss which campaigns and candidates I’m supporting on September 9th for the three top positions here in the Commonwealth.

599812_10150961460416866_168012983_nGovernor: Steve Grossman. Without doubt, from day 1, I have a been part of Team Steve. I proudly wear orange. Steve is a progressive realist, currently our State Treasurer, who believes fully in equality, opportunity, and creating policy that gets those things to our citizens. He also seriously knows his ice cream. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Steve for three years now, as fellow members of the DSC. He’s been a stalwart supporter of the Young Democrats, including receiving the inaugural Friend of the Greater Boston Young Democrats award in 2011. When I was first elected Chair of the GBYD in 2012, Steve took time out of his day to call and congratulate me himself, letting me know that the Young Dems were an important group to him. I’m so happy to return his support.

971842_10151743409717608_856936948_nLt. Governor: Mike Lake. Mike has staked his campaign on the idea of the MA Promise. The promise of education, happiness, opportunity, jobs, family, and more. He’s a young, energetic, brilliant man and I can’t wait to see where he goes from here.

Treasurer: Deb Goldberg. Deb can do things with money and with policy that make my well-educated brain spin. She’s tough, compassionate, strategic, and damn good at what she does. I want to see Deb as Treasurer, I want to see what she can do with the position, and I am proud to be supporting her. She’s been endorsed by The Rainbow Times, EMILY’s List, and the Professional Firefighters of Mass (among others) – I don’t know that you can find three more different liberal organizations than those three! Deb has the ground work, the experience, and the energy to make a real difference here in Mass.

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