№324 ❛my 2018 – best flicks❜

I saw a lot of movies this year. Eighty movies to be exact. There are still so many that were released this year that I’d love to catch over the holidays, which I’ve listed below as well (mostly for my own record keeping, can’t lie), but of the 80 I did see, there were someContinue reading “№324 ❛my 2018 – best flicks❜”

#327; Summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen.

After a lackluster June & July, my 30th birthday two weeks ago seemed to be a turning point in my summer in Boston. Suddenly, there was promise on the warm air, instead of dread. Suddenly, I found myself with my time, more energy, more hope, and more noise. I love having a lot of noiseContinue reading “#327; Summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen.”

#210; two months worth of Tasty (Nº9)!

I could not believe my eyes when I saw it had been nearly two months since my last Tasty! While I’m still in awe of Seth Meyers and his political wit (because we all know I have a thing for political smarty-pants), I have fully moved on in my Hollywood Crush tastes. It was simple, you see, because TrueContinue reading “#210; two months worth of Tasty (Nº9)!”

#183; Taste of the Week Nº7 – Eva Green

In honor of the new Starz show, Camelot, which looks steamy and yummy and angsty in all the right ways, this week’s Taste! is Miss Steamy-Angst-Yummy herself, French actress Eva Green. I don’t know a soul alive who, once introduced to her in Casino Royale, wasn’t fully in love (all right, at least fully in lust). According to Wikipedia,Continue reading “#183; Taste of the Week Nº7 – Eva Green”

#164; we all obsess

We all obsess. Religion, philosophy, Harry Potter, vampires, beer, tv shows, fashion, music, books, words, favorite foods, language, politics, technology, iPhones, webcomics, sports… My obsessions these days involve the Republican Party (it’s that time of year, CPAC takes over my brain!), writing (2011 will be the year of MFA applications, by the way), and music (has thisContinue reading “#164; we all obsess”