#326; Kat’s Update on the Mulligan

Today’s guest post is written by Kat of Chef on a Diet; Kat is a food blogger, chef, and entrepreneur in Brighton. Check her out at: chefondiet.blogspot.com.

So, I called a Mulligan on 2013, and now after seven months how have I done? So far I’ve drank a lot of alcohol… wait that was on last years list, I guess I forgot it on my 2014 resolutions… I was so excited that I might have stuck to something on my list.

1. Attempt to lose another 30 pounds.
Well I haven’t GAINED any weight, which is a victory in itself. At first I was sick and had my bad back that hurts in the wintertime. This past month my back started cooperating so I’ve been able to workout again. I’ve been doing PiYo which is a combination of Pilates and Yoga, and I’ve been feeling so good doing it!

2. Make my back better…
well I should get my settlement for my back injury this year and that probably will make my back feel better right? I think I’m still at minimum a month away from settling, but I have faith it will happen this year. After having surgery (not back surgery) back in June I was on bedrest for two weeks and the rest combined with warmer weather has caused my back to feel better. I have doubts that this will last once it gets cold again, but only time will tell.

3. Go see more movies with Tina. Have Tina and I gone to any movies? Its been a while so I can’t remember if the movies I remember seeing with her were this year or last… Clearly this is a problem, Tina, and we must remedy this. (Note from Tina: We saw Winter Soldier together!)

4. Work out more frequently… Up until about 3 weeks ago I had not been keeping this promise. Mostly due to back pain, somewhat partially due to being unmotivated. So hopefully I can keep up what I’ve been doing.

5. And in a way I actually did my number 5 resolution. It was not to beat myself up because I miss workouts. I’ve ate crap some days, but overall I haven’t let myself get depressed for being mad at myself for missing workouts. Instead I worked on controlling what I can, aka what I eat. (Girl Scout cookies are healthy right?)

6. So about making and cultivating more friends… haven’t really managed to do that. I have hung out with friends that I want to hang out with more. And hopefully with Tina’s new job, we can find time to see each other more, hint, hint… (Note from Tina: hint well taken!)

7. I have yet to find a husband. Shocking I know. I did find a guy who I thought had potential to date, but out of the blue he suddenly realized he wasn’t ready for anything at all even casual dating. And I’m already getting into my “sick of online dating” phase of online dating. A good amount of the guys who email me on these sites are way too young or my age and single for a reason, or they say things like “hey baby, you hot, wanna *insert stupid sexual remark*?” You know how I feel about bad grammar and spelling. I don’t need a man to define me, but I’d like a man to accompany me as I define myself. I recently found this article on Huffington Post about how to pick your life partner. And reading through it I feel like I’ve gone through most of the inadvisable phases throughout my adult life, so therefore I must be ready. Though in a way I still might be doing “Shallow Sharon” but not to the extent of the article description. I’m pretty sure I know what I want, and I try to keep an open mind about the guys I meet but it’s really hard for me to be attracted to someone shorter than me! I’ve actually decided to take a break from online dating for a while. I was getting too annoyed by either plans falling through or the quality of guys not being up to snuff.

8. So my last resolution was to write more, and I’ve written here and there so I haven’t been an abject failure in that count at least. I could probably write more, but at least I’m writing. I tend to start a project and work on it for a while then come up with another great idea. I’m currently working on a pilot about the sharing community as well as an epic fantasy novel.

9. Wait what? Suck it, I’m adding a resolution seven months in. This one I’ve been doing unofficially anyway so I might as well make it official. Use the food I have instead of ordering out or buying more food when I have a lot of food already. I’ve been pretty good doing this, though some weeks are easier than others.

So, here it is, my update, six months late. I can say so far this hasn’t been the best year, but it’s still not the worst. It’s been a solid “meh” year. I think my year will start looking up if I could finish writing a novel, lose 30 pounds, find a boyfriend who doesn’t suck, or at least see LOTS of movies with Tina (like once a week). I hope to travel to DC in October for my 10 year college reunion… god, I’m getting old. And my major goal for the year is to either go to Florida or Australia for a vacation in the wintertime. That will highly depend on if I finally get my settlement and can pay off bills so that I can actually start saving money. Have a happy halfway done year!

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