(307) a year later

A year ago yesterday, March 10th, 2016, Jake got behind the wheel of a ridiculously large van and drove me the 16 hours from Southie to Myrtle Beach (I wasn't allowed to drive thanks to a recent hospital stay).

(302) life has a funny way

We're in the middle of my very first Hurricane Season here in Myrtle Beach. I grew up with South Carolina Hurricanes, thanks to my family vacation (two weeks on the Boardwalk every August) falling toward the end of the summer, and my family's love of ridiculous weather (yes, my Dad was That Guy who would... Continue Reading →

(300) bless your heart

It's true: I packed my bags, quit my job, and moved to the beach. Specifically, Myrtle Beach. My time in Boston was incredible – I have a very complicated relationship with that city – but it was time for it to end. I moved to Boston for idealistic, romantic reasons, and I’m grateful to have... Continue Reading →

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