#093; I would like to be a master of all hat tricks.

When last I checked in, I had decided – somewhat hesitantly, it’s true – to dip my toes (or rather, go off the diving board in a cannon-ball-like position) back into local theater. I have excitedly joined up with The Firm for their Spring 2010 production of The Vagina Monologues! I’ll be going all out as The Women Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy! I still can’t believe I got a part, let alone this one. I’ll admit readily that the thought of moaning and going  a little insane in front of a theater full of strangers has me terrified but I’m also incredibly excited to be acting again, especially with such a wonderful group of involved, intelligent, talented women!

On top of being such a great experience, the proceeds from the show (one night only! March 5th!) will be going to the group The House of Ruth here in DC. Doing something to help the families of our own community (dealing with homeless and domestic abuse issues) feels very good, especially in light of the very hard Winter we’ve had.

To be a bit more specific about the title of this post, now that the squealing and excitement is out of the way… I feel as if I’ve been taking too much on to my plate, but I only want to be doing more. I love being involved in theater and art in the city (including seeing the Nu Sass Productions performance of “Art” this past Saturday), but I have missed seeing live music (though this week brings some shows to DC that I’ve been waiting ages to see – I can’t wait! Check out the calendar on the side of the site for more info!). I have loved the time off with family and loved ones, but I’ve missed policy and downtown and happy hours and wearing my suits. I have not been to any DC Young Republican events as of late. I’m trying to date. I’ve recently reorganized my library, my bedroom, and my closet. I have been cooking more and trying new cocktails. I’ve claimed a neighborhood bar. I’ve joined Four Square.

Andrew Lee Potts as Hatter in Syfy's "Alice"

I’ve been trying to see more movies, and listen to new albums. I miss my friends. I feel like I’m not doing nearly enough here for AtLimbo (I have two reviews ready for this week, and even that feels behind). I want to go to CPAC but am afraid I’ll miss nearly all of it. I want to go on even more road trips, but I don’t want to miss anything in Washington. I want to get out to the country more often and take a friend up on his idea of a ski trip. I want to practice my guitar and sing more, maybe try my hand at writing music. I want to write more in general. I want to try new things and spend time enjoying my favorites. I want to do it all.

I want to do it all.

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