#202; youth & politics look good together

Watching Mitt Romney’s announcement today of his running for President got me thinking — where are all the crushworthy candidates? Where is a Bill Clinton for my mom to swoon over? Who will cause a scandel with their $400 haircut? Would we ever want to see any of these candidates frolicking on the beach like Obama?Continue reading “#202; youth & politics look good together”

#193; post-DC-election

There was a time in when my life revolved around the politics of the DC Council. I once worked with national organizations, local committees, concerned citizens, and an amazing team of co-workers toward the important end of electing Republicans to the Council. Yesterday, there was a special election in the District that saw a Republican do better thanContinue reading “#193; post-DC-election”

#188; my national Party no more

I have yet to read a better explanation as to why I am registering as an Independent for the first time in my life when I switch my drivers license over this week. I can no longer be a part of my Party (I’ve proudly, loudly, riotously been an active participant in the GOP since I was 6, I’veContinue reading “#188; my national Party no more”

#172; Gov. Haley Barbour at CPAC to mixed reviews

“Governors deal with problems, and voters have decided, from here on out, leaders should be judged not by their hopes or intentions; leaders must be judged by the results they achieve.” – Gov. Haley Barbour, CPAC 2011 I missed Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour’s speech this morning, but kept up via video feed and the #cpac11Continue reading “#172; Gov. Haley Barbour at CPAC to mixed reviews”

#170; CPAC 2011 Day 2 — updated list of live blogging!

Thanks to enterprising people all over the internet, I bring you an updated list of sites from across the board politically that are covering CPAC in one fashion or another… You might be surprised to see some of these are covering the event, but don’t forget we’ve got press and bloggers from around the worldContinue reading “#170; CPAC 2011 Day 2 — updated list of live blogging!”