#333; thoughts on Spring

It’s sort of starting to feel like Spring here in Boston. Spring always makes me miss Washington, DC, though. I left the District in June of 2010 after almost ten years there and days like today – weather in the fifties, going to a friend’s house to watch the baseball game and celebrate my boyfriend’s 31stContinue reading “#333; thoughts on Spring”

#284; best regards from washington

I like the stars; it’s the illusion of permanence. I can pretend that things last; that lives last longer than moments. – Neil Gaiman I’ve been in Washington, DC since this past weekend, visiting with old friends and sleeping on couches. It’s hard to admit, but I’m feeling more and more that the phrase “youContinue reading “#284; best regards from washington”

#193; post-DC-election

There was a time in when my life revolved around the politics of the DC Council. I once worked with national organizations, local committees, concerned citizens, and an amazing team of co-workers toward the important end of electing Republicans to the Council. Yesterday, there was a special election in the District that saw a Republican do better thanContinue reading “#193; post-DC-election”

#154; to be missing

Another excerpt from what I’m working on. This one just stuck out to me… My heart is heavy with a decision I made on a whim. I didn’t realize that saying goodbye to this place would be saying goodbye to my history here. The past doesn’t come with us, not when every one of usContinue reading “#154; to be missing”

#150; District Sweet District

I’m blogging, as we speak, from the porch of my best friends in this world. Aubrilee & CaptainCourage have taken us in for the nigh.t and I couldn’t be happier. I’m home! I’m in Petworth! Green Line! Porch sitting! Best friends! I’ll be back in the 757 by tomorrow night, but until then, this girlContinue reading “#150; District Sweet District”