#092; dirty words!

Folks – I may officially be stir crazy. I just signed up to help out/possibly participate in The Firm’s production of The Vagina Monologues in March. I have been in the production before, but in a relatively calm piece. I did My Short Skirt in my sophomore year of college and focused on sexual harassment, discrimination, and the campus environment (also as communications chick for the university’s Student Women’s Initiative). I wore a corset and hot pink fishnets and blushed whenever anyone said a “dirty word” – a little bit of a contradiction in such a play, eh?

But yes, this time around? I’m older, wiser, much more “vulgar” (not that I believe such things are vulgar anymore… Just another change since my student days I suppose).

The three I’ve signed up to try for? My Angry VaginaBecause he liked to look at it, & The Women who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy.

Needless to say? I can’t wait. Queer theater with tripping fairies last summer to empowering, strong, sexy, honest, terrifying, groundbreaking theater this spring. So, you’re all going to come watch on March 5th, right?

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A #nerd for TV, fandom, politics, music, & the #WritingCommunity. Slytherin. Rebel Scum. ESTP-A. I put the B in LGBTQ.

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