№339; this is a rebellion, isn’t it?

I am 41,000+ words into Nanowrimo 2019. Considering earlier in the month I had a 14,000 word day, and more than once I’ve gone over 5,000 in 24-hour periods, I’m not so worried I’ll get to 50K words by November 30th. I am, however, worried that very few of them have anything to do with my original plot!

In fact, I may have abandoned the WIP known as Political Pursuits at this point, for now at least. I love the characters I built, and I want to revisit them without a doubt, but I think the story I tried to build around them didn’t have nearly enough meat to it. To hit 50K in 30 days, I have two surefire scenes that can fit into just about any of my romance plots and get me over any inspiration hurdles: smut and angst. This story, though, didn’t call for much (or any) of either and I found myself at a loss stripped of the tricks up my sleeve! So, how am I so close to 50,000, you ask? Fanfiction, and a lot of it! Harry Potter, Star Wars, Rogue One… I am all about the fanfiction these days (reading and writing), but at least it’s keeping me working! Good practice, no?

Do you ever find yourself falling back on old tropes or easier plot devices to get you through writers block or other issues during your creative pursuits? Coming up against this issue has forced me to use this years annual event as a learning experience. This month has taught me that 1) I’m a Nano Rebel (news to me!) and 2) I need to really sit down and examine my habits as a writer as I moved forward. In the coming year I’d like to have specific writing & editing goals, but I think looking deeply into my (maybe bad) habits will give me a starting point to break out of some disruptive patterns.

What do you think? Have you ever broken a habit of the creative sort? Have you ever tried to re-organize your thinking when it comes to inspiration?

I’m not even sure it’s something I’m capable of! But I know I want to try. I don’t want to rely on the same motifs over and over as I dig more into a genre (romance) that I love.

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