№340; the sound of a decade

It’s official. I’ve always espoused my love of Pop, but apparently it’s absolutely my jam, no bones about it. According to Spotify, at least. I spent, probably, way too much going through every detail of my “Decade Wrapped” and my 2019 Top 100 Playlist as soon as they dropped – have you looked through yours? Turns out? Mine’s mostly Pop. Like, all Pop. Like, with a few folk and Americana bands thrown in, but let’s be real: I am bubble gum from my head to my toes.

In a way, I feel comfortable with the verdict. I’m also, of course, not the least bit surprised that my Artist of the Decade is… The Civil Wars! I’ll have a far more comprehensive look back at my #amlistening of 2019 in the coming days, but I thought the decade view was too fun not to highlight. So, tell me, did you learn anything about yourself from yours? For those of you who didn’t check yours out, any reason in particular? I find lists and data fascinating, so tell me your perspective!

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