#331 ❛to blog or not to blog❜

I’m prompted to write today for the first time in a long time; though I’ve had so much trouble focusing lately, that even the urge to write isn’t enough to make the words come easily. To be quite honest, I’ve been rolling around the idea of no longer blogging. I’ve been doing this for nearly 2 decades now (I started my first public site in … Continue reading #331 ❛to blog or not to blog❜

β¦Ώ 325 β¦Ώ 2018 in words

Oh my goodness, I have never failed at my ridiculous year-beginning-goals so badly in my 34 years thus far. 2018 – as far as those goals were concerned – was a huge fail. But was 2018 a fail, otherwise? Absolutely not. 2018 was a wonderful year, and it’s nearly impossible to believe I’m saying that considering how I felt last January. Let’s start with the bad … Continue reading β¦Ώ 325 β¦Ώ 2018 in words