№338; Political Pursuits: A Cliffhanger?

An excerpt from the Epilogue (yes, I’ve already written it, I couldn’t help it! My main character’s best friend Eva looks like Camila Cabello in my head!) of my current Nanowrimo project. This book has been a fun romp so far!

…But I’ve gotten off track. I was hugging my best friend and some camera men came over to catch the moment, we both did our best to put on happy, celebratory smiles, as if we were just overjoyed by the win and the wine and the evening, as two best friends are wont to do in moments of victory. When they didn’t leave, I pulled back and gave them all a small smile and a wave, asking them how they were enjoying the night and introducing Eva to them – of course, they all already knew who she was.

“Ladies, I wanted to introduce you to our musical guest this evening, he’s been regaling me with stories of life on the road in your early twenties and I thought you could relate.” She gave us a knowing smile and stepped aside to reveal Shawn Mendes standing just behind her in a black tuxedo, perfectly fitted along his tall, lanky but built frame. I did my best to keep my face neutral but friendly and stood, tugging Eva subtly with me. Eva was not nearly as good as me at keeping her emotions off her face and her jaw literally dropped.

Of course, as I introduced us both to him, Shawn’s did, too. His bright smile in recovery was trained on Eva and he seemed to forget he was standing next to the next President of the United States and only had eyes for my best friend. My mom quietly excused herself, wishing him a good show and thanking him again for coming to entertain us, and then I did the same, Eva didn’t even notice, and it seemed Shawn didn’t either. I think my mother had known exactly what she was doing.

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