#322; progress report

2013 was a rough year in the land of limbo. We know this. I still have the occasional nightmare from the street attack (which happened almost a year ago, now). I cringe when a friend mentions they have a cold because the thought of developing another pneumonia terrifies me. I’m still on the job hunt since leaving the Theater in October.

But 2014 has had its bright spots, and I’m focusing on them, sort of like staring at the sun to stop yourself from crying.

I’ve found a new community of friends and co-workers as a hostess at a restaurant in Cambridge. This sort of work has nearly nothing to do with my chosen “career path” but it’s been helping me to pay my bills and I’ve had the opportunity to learn about an entirely new industry, which is always fun. Today I’m attending a wine training and while it’s not what I thought I’d be doing at 29, I’m really excited to learn it! Not to mention it’s always nice to be given a chance to do something new and to be trusted in a field you’ve little experience (my time spent as a cocktail waitress has actually come in handy but beyond that my restaurant experience extends to working in coffee shops and diners).

I’ve also taken the time so far this year (when you work nights, scheduling becomes a major priority) to re-connect with friendships I may have let slip last year. ChefKat’s update on her annual goals will be coming soon but I doubt they’ll include the sleepovers we’ve had and the dinners out we’ve splurged on.

2014 – I’ve decided, somewhat arbitrarily – has become a year of mental health for me. I want to feel relaxed and happy and on the top of my game as I turn 30 in July. I want my 30’s to be the best decade yet and that means starting them off right. I’m taking small steps to get into better shape, and we’ve bought a new bed (no more back pain! Woohoo!). I’m reading more, and getting outside more (even in the cold). I’m not afraid of turning 30 like so many people are, it doesn’t stress me out, but I do see it as an opportunity to make some needed changes in my life. I’ve cut back on smoking and drinking, I’m doing a major spring cleaning of everything we own, and I’m already starting to feel good.

Next up? More writing! I’ve decided to finally finish editing two of my novels! I’m excited to announce that my plan is to work with a professional editor on both In Your Pocket and Like Wine by the end of 2014. I’ve got some writer friends who have even offered to help me edit for free while I’m still in-process. It’s an incredible feeling to be digging back in and I feel like I had forgotten how much I love the main characters of Len (from Pocket) and Carrie (from Wine).

So, while we wait for Kat’s update to let us know how her 2014 is going – tell us, how is yours? Are you meeting your goals? Are you creating new ones? It’s nearly March – we’re already almost a quarter into the ‘new’ year – how’s your progress?

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