#323; Women’s History Month in Boston

Women’s History Month is in full swing here in the US & I have to say, maybe I’m biased being a woman and all, but it’s one of my favorites along with Black History Month (February) and Mental Health Awareness Month (May). The state of whiteness and maleness in US history education (at least in my experience at a public school in Maine and from everything I’ve heard of my fellow 20- and 30-something friends) is blinding.

I love that people around the world focus on women in March. Let’s celebrate women and hold them up. Let’s learn about women in history who didn’t get the credit they deserve, who get brushed aside in American History 101. Let’s talk about the women inventors, scientists, politicians, artists, and barrier breakers.

Let’s discuss Wilma Pearl Mankiller, who was the first female Chief of the Cherokee Nation or Mae Jemison, the 1st black woman to fly into space. And of course it wouldn’t be a modern day Women’s anything without mentioning Hilary Clinton and her accomplishments (what do you think? Will we have a female President in 2016?).

1471254_10100487447832505_738180472_nI’m celebrating this month with the Women’s Caucus of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts. The caucus has planned an event for March 18th (our 5th Annual Ladies in Blue Scholarship fundraiser) that will really be shining a spotlight on the Massachusetts women who rock the boat, give little girls of all shapes and colors and backgrounds hope, and who will continue to push our state and country forward as we look ahead. The YDM will be awarding US Representative Katherine Clark with the YDM Woman of the Year Award, State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz with the YDM Legislator of the Year Award, and former candidate for Boston City Council District 2 Suzanne Lee (pictured) with the YDM Activist of the Year Award.

I’ve had the incredible pleasure of working with all three of these women at one point or another in my time here in Boston and I’m so proud of them and can’t wait to celebrate their work on the 18th. I hope that you’ll join us in Boston to celebrate Women’s History Month and the wonderful work being done by women here and beyond.

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