#321; Kat calls a Mulligan on 2013

Today’s guest post is written by Kat of Chef on a Diet; Kat is a food blogger, chef, and entrepreneur in Brighton. Check her out at: chefondiet.blogspot.com.


“Things to do in 2013:

  • Attempt to lose another 30 pounds (that’s what I lost in 2012)
  • Make my back better… AKA get healthy enough to actually work out.
  • Go to more movies with Tina.
  • Cook more for Joe.
  • Find more good alcohol to drink.”

Ok, so I did… one of those. I found lots of good alcohol to drink. I’m calling a mulligan, a do-over. 2013 started with such promise and by March it went all down the shitter, and started to look up only near the end. In January, I had a boyfriend and a career, by March I had neither. Now I look forward to 2014 with the thought that it can only get better… I hope. So, what does one resolve to change/do to make the next year awesome? Glad you asked.

1. Attempt to lose another 30 pounds
2. Make my back better
3. Go to more movies with Tina hmm I’m sensing a theme, it is a mulligan after all.
4. Won’t be cooking for Joe anytime soon, so here’s a new one: I resolve to work out regularly, which of course ties in with #1 but I was hoping you’d ignore that. I have a challenge group starting this week doing P90X3 I really hope I don’t kill myself doing it…
5. I will not beat myself up or completely give up on a workout regime just because I miss a day or two. Because you know I do that a lot. I tend to wake up and say “oh shit, its been 3 weeks since I last worked out” … or 2 months, but who’s counting!? It ends up being self-defeating because you’re mad at yourself for not working out. This quickly turns into a depression because you feel like crap because you didn’t work out. And like many people, but not all, when I feel depressed I tend to eat more crap.
6. Make and cultivate more friends. Because meeting people you want to be friends with is easy, actually taking time to make them into friends is harder than it seems. I have some seeds planted already, time to make them grow! I’ve found that the older you get, the harder it is to make new friends. In high school and college you make friends somewhat automatically, and when you get your first job you hang out with people around your age. What if you’re like me and have lots of odd jobs where you don’t interact with the same people regularly? You find yourself lacking people to hang out with a lot of the time. You go see movies by yourself a lot and stay in.
7. Find a husband. Really!? Yes, really, I put this on my list. I’m not saying I’m going to find a man this month and marry him. I’m saying I want to find someone whom I will eventually marry (at the end of the year!? No, no, just kidding). I’m sick of being single. I want a husband, kids, and the white picket fence – eh, probably more of a privacy fence but you know what I’m saying. I’m 31 freaking years old, I expected to have all that 6 years ago at the latest, and now I find myself as one of the few lone wolves out there. I think I’m a good catch, and all my married guy friends say I’m a good catch, but apparently none of the single guys (who are emotionally stable and ready to commit) do. So, yes, it’s a hope/goal that I will find someone to be in a long-term relationship which leads to marriage. I know it’s not for everyone, but dammit I want it to be for me. Many people joke to me “OMG, you totally don’t want this!” and in my head I’m thinking “Yeah, you say that because you already have it.”
8. Make the time to write more. I added this last minute as I decided to make time to actually finish this guest post after two weeks of slacking off and not making the time to finish it. I’m really great at starting writing projects (and lots of other projects) but then I get distracted by everything else and don’t complete them, thus my goal is to not only make time to write more but also finish at least one writing project. Now to decide which to do…

And that is my awesome resolution list for 2014. Bets are on me doing about half of these things for the full year… I promised Tina I’d check in in another month to give an update on whether or not I’ve kept up with my resolutions, see you then!

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