#216; what’s in a [haircut]?

Those of you who have been reading The Luckiest/Atlimbo for a while may remember my rock and roll infatuation with a fauxhawk, pictured above.

Today, I went back to my roots, nearly literally.

I’m inspired to show you this, my favorite of hair cuts, by a meme seemingly making the rounds of person blogs. The meme is something along the lines of “What I Wish You Knew About Me” and I’ve seen examples here, here, and here among others. So, here we go, after the cut: what I wish you knew about me.I have food issues at times. (Specifically – issues convincing myself I need food). I’ve always been hesitant to admit this, not only for the embarrassment that such confidence issues can bring on an otherwise self-posessed and strong woman, but also for the fact that I don’t really feel they’ve ever been all that bad. I’m certainly not going to lay claim to full blown disorders or psychological issues concerning eating, but there’s always been a smaller issue hanging out in the back of mind (or stomach), either way. It’s never been intentional and never taken a toll too drastic to reverse without some introspection and diet detailing, but it’s something about me most people don’t know.

I have terrible taste in music. This really isn’t objective, it’s also not self-depricating. We all know terrible music when we hear it – Miley Cyrus, Rhianna, the Jonas Brothers, & Ke$ha come to mind. These are a few of my favorite (musical) things. I don’t care that they are corporate entities cultivated since birth (most of them), I don’t care that they can’t carry a tune with a bucket and have probably never written their own stuff – I absolutely cannot get enough and will boogey down absolutely no matter where/under what circumstances I hear them.

I consider myself more of a Southern than a New Englander. Despite my 17 years being raised in Maine, my family’s deep history in Dorchester/Boston, and my admiration for rocky beaches – I have always identified personally more with Southern style/tastes/philosophies than I have with the North. I miss the heat, the beaches, the twang, the food, the music (country music For The Win. Always.). I miss BBQ culture and seersucker, Carribbean influences, garden estates, Spanish. The laid back, friendly atmosphere than envelopes everything and, yes, the politics of it all. To my ear I slip into a Southern accent (despite never having had one) when I get really sleepy and warmth, but then again, that could just be in my dreams.

I was a serious Pro-Lifer until college. And even into college. My freshman year I marched in annual March for Life on The Mall, to protest Roe v. Wade, I volunteered exclusively with pro-life candidates, and considered myself a life-long member of the social/Christian Right. As I got further into my Political Science degree and my academics focused more narrowly on gender issues, my opinions changed and I’ve been a die-hard Pro-Choicer since Sophomore year.

I am a lapsed Catholic/Baptist/Congregationalist/World Assemblies of God Fellowship Member. Notice I dont’ say lapsed Christian. I believe completely in the Christian God but have always had a hard time sticking to any one organized religion. I’ve spent the most time with Catholicism, being raised as such; read the Bible for the first time in High School with a Baptist church; and was Baptised my freshman year of college by the Assemblies of God group Chi Alpha in our university swimming pool.

I am a strong believer in Humanism, the god Bacchus, and Bokononism, despite their contradictions with Christianity.

No matter how many times I argue about the compliment, I love the color of my eyes. Look at that freaking picture up there! That is how blue my eyes actually are. It’s creepy in what I love to think is an awesome way. I grew up calling it “blueberry blue” and one of the easiest ways to get a smile out of me is to compliment them, even if I hate when that sort of thing is used as a pick up line. The color of my eyes is also one of my absolute most favorite inside jokes with my Boyfriend, so even more reason to celebrate them!

I am Bipolar and prone to panic attackes with Obsessive Compulsive tendencies. I’ve known this for years, I’ve been through lots of different sorts of treatment, and I’ve written about it before.

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