#217; no pants summer

Seeing as I’ve failed completely at working on my Camp Nanowrimo novel this week, I thought it would be nice to do writing of some sort and hopefully kickstart the writing mojo that was going so well last week. And so, I bring you a new project of mine. The No Pants Summer. After the jump, read all about the No Pants Summer and leave your personal summer rules, too!

The No Pants Summer has one rule – if I’m not in my office/out for the evening straight from the office, I’m not in pants. Sundresses, shorts, pajamas (some of my pajamas do include pants, but seeing as they have cartoon characters on them, they clearly don’t count as actual pants), skirts!

I’m madly in love with bright colors, a city without air conditioning (after so long in DC I wasn’t sure that existed!), and long hours of day light. I’ve never been one to shun pants. I’ve fallen for my share of sundresses (H&M. So cheap. So easy.) but even in the dead of summer I’ve been a pants person – jeans year round, though baggier in the summer so they’re not so sticky and hot. Between my years as a dancer and my reluctant body image issues (yes, 90 pound girls can have body image issues), the idea of showing off my legs just kind of scared and disgusted me. Working as a cocktail waitress last summer forced me outside of my comfort zone (way outside thanks to booty shorted uniforms, low cut/backless tank tops, platforms, and Jersey Shore-worthy hair and make-up), and I started coming around a little bit. I still wouldn’t let people get pictures of me and needed to be convinced to even wear a bathing suit to the beach when I visited my parents in Myrtle Beach in August.

And this year — why not? Why not go all out? I sit in a freezing office, directly under an air conditioning vent, every single day, but I’m out early, free to enjoy summer in the city, testing out the summer trends and even indulging in rompers. I gotta say, this pantsless life feels good.

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