№316 ❛one month in❜

  • 2018 is roaring along far too quickly for my liking. We're already at the end of January and barreling down the calendar toward Spring. I'm already learning a lot and have already gotten walloped a couple of times, if I'm honest. After a couple of weeks with the new Flu from hell, I... Continue Reading →

#239; To sleep, perchance to dream.

This hasn’t been a good week for my sleep cycle. Post-Thanksgiving saw work rather forcefully punch me in the gut, holiday parties to be planned, a conference demanding my attention 24-hours a day, my surviving grandparent very suddenly in the hospital, and so many friendship/personal conflicts pop up that my head is spinning from the... Continue Reading →

#219; Friday I’m in Love…

…with getting the hell outta town. Work has me stressed & ulcer-y and all this doom & gloom cold summer weather has me feeling exhausted & cynical. I clearly need out before I start assuming it’s not just work & weather, but Boston that’s bringing me down.

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