#194; could use a little luck

I haven’t felt at all that lucky today. Work has been extremely stressful this week despite still being just under a month on the job. Politics have taken over my brain despite a year of practiced indifference. There is so much to do, so many people to see, so much city to learn, so many moving details to still worry about – and only 24 hours in the day. And I really like sleep. I really need sleep. All the time.

Woke up exhausted & allergic this morning, to muggy gray spring. I woke up later than I’d planned. I get to work without any time to stop and grab a coffee or have a smoke. I realize I’m wearing brown, men’s socks (with my black suit). I have a string of disorganized meetings. I am disorganized. I finally run out to grab my lunch and run some errands and I get kicked in the shin at Bank of America – by an adult. Seriously. Kicked in the shin. No clue why. Then I leave the bank and run to the electronics store and as I’m clearly in a hurry, I get catcalled. Street harrassment sucks, men, word to the wise. Even if you’re saying “hey red, you are so beautiful”. It’s annoying. And I’m in a rush. And I don’t want to get hit by a cab because I’m stopping in the middle of my rush to be like “huh…?” Not cool. I do not know you. I am not an object. I do not appreciate a stranger’s odd affection. I get back to my office only to have my meetings pushed back, possible not even getting to do them at all today. However, a co-worker offered to buy me a beer when we’re out at the end of the day, and I had a moment of inspiration – that’s something to be grateful for.

I’ve been feeling like I could seriously use a jolt of good luck today, and yet, I’m feeling pretty good about everything I have in my life. I still wouldn’t mind my day to day going a little bit more smoothly, but in the grand scheme of things, I’m doing alright. Things I’m grateful for these days?

  • Talented and loving friends around the country. I may be missing them a ton here in Beantown, but they’re always just a text or call away and I know that. Also – my roomies. One of them bought me chocolate and sparkly bunny ears for Easter. I (heart) her for this.
  • My family – they think I’m insane, I know, but my Mom always knows how to make me smile and I like to think I return the favor to her, my Dad, and my brother’s brood up north.
  • Simple pleasures with The Boyfriend. Last night we had a great dinner, tried a really tasty new cocktail, and watched Family Guy until I fell asleep. He listened to me whine and scheme all night and encouraged both.
  • Finally settling into the Awesome that is #movingtoboston. I’ve signed up to volunteer with two amazing programs – the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center and the EMA (Eastern Mass Abortion) Fund. I’ll be training with both in May. Went to my first BARCC rally on Tuesday, too. I spent yesterday evening phone banking on behalf of a pro-choice incumbent from the MA state legislature and hanging out at NARAL’s downtown office. I’ve joined a writing group, a film club, and am planning to check out the YRs and the YDs in the area sometime soon.
  • I’ve decided to found a web empire. Seriously. Check out https://theluckiest.net and you’ll see the beginnings of what I mean.

And so… really… Who needs luck? What are you feeling grateful for these days? The sundress the hottie next door decided to wear? Theater? Vacation? Love? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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