#194; could use a little luck

I haven’t felt at all that lucky today. Work has been extremely stressful this week despite still being just under a month on the job. Politics have taken over my brain despite a year of practiced indifference. There is so much to do, so many people to see, so much city to learn, so many moving detailsContinue reading “#194; could use a little luck”

#183; Taste of the Week Nº7 – Eva Green

In honor of the new Starz show, Camelot, which looks steamy and yummy and angsty in all the right ways, this week’s Taste! is Miss Steamy-Angst-Yummy herself, French actress Eva Green. I don’t know a soul alive who, once introduced to her in Casino Royale, wasn’t fully in love (all right, at least fully in lust). According to Wikipedia,Continue reading “#183; Taste of the Week Nº7 – Eva Green”

#162; Taste of the Week Nº5 – Nina Dobrev

In honor of our favorite vampire snack’s birthday this week, I’m posting my second Vampire Diaries taste with the show’s star, Miss Nina Dobrev! I never saw any of her work on Degrassi, and when she was chosen to head a show I’d been looking forward to, I was skeptical, but she has made all of us eatContinue reading “#162; Taste of the Week Nº5 – Nina Dobrev”

#153; Taste of the Week Nº3 – Candice Accola

Like most of the 13-40 year old female gender, I cannot get enough of The Vampire Diaries, and so your Taste of the Week #3 is none other than vampire-in-training, ass-kicking, high heels & black eyeliner rocking, blonde Carolina Forbes (aka Candice Accola, who is actually the Taste of the Week: her talent, style, modeling shoots…? Yeah, it’sContinue reading “#153; Taste of the Week Nº3 – Candice Accola”

#147; Taste of the Week Nº1 – Blair Waldorf

  I am just going nuts with the new features lately, but it being fall, I feel it’s a time of change and my thought patterns seem to just be running with it. This tidbit is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, highlighting a particular hottie for your viewing pleasure. In honorContinue reading “#147; Taste of the Week Nº1 – Blair Waldorf”