№318 ❛find what you love and let it kill you❜

The more things change, the more they stay the same… • You are not at all surprised to learn that not long after I last wrote all about how fabulously happy I was at Rue21 (and I was, I really was!), I left that solid, stable, drama-free corporate paradise to return to Suck Bang Blow, theContinue reading “№318 ❛find what you love and let it kill you❜”

#265; family reunion fun times

It’s truly amazing to me how the time passes; how people you considered your annoyances, your best friends, and biggest rivals – somehow, over the years – become your family. I’m lucky to have a huge family. On my dad’s side, there are five of us in our generation and now we’ve nearly doubled thanksContinue reading “#265; family reunion fun times”

#237; the first road trip

Happy Thanksgiving, inhabitants of Limbo! I hope the weather around here treated you well for the holiday, and all your turkey-cravings, family-traditions, and Black Friday-binges were fulfilled! I spent most of my time off on the road, braving the east coast storms to drive from Boston to my parents’ place in Myrtle Beach. I hadn’tContinue reading “#237; the first road trip”

#194; could use a little luck

I haven’t felt at all that lucky today. Work has been extremely stressful this week despite still being just under a month on the job. Politics have taken over my brain despite a year of practiced indifference. There is so much to do, so many people to see, so much city to learn, so many moving detailsContinue reading “#194; could use a little luck”