#183; Taste of the Week Nº7 – Eva Green

In honor of the new Starz show, Camelot, which looks steamy and yummy and angsty in all the right ways, this week’s Taste! is Miss Steamy-Angst-Yummy herself, French actress Eva Green. I don’t know a soul alive who, once introduced to her in Casino Royale, wasn’t fully in love (all right, at least fully in lust).

According to Wikipedia, Green plays Morgan, “the beautiful and ruthlessly ambitious daughter of King Uther based on Morgan le Fay. She wishes to claim her right to her father’s throne, but she does not count on Merlin’s plans or the existence of Arthur, her newly revealed half-brother. In her pursuit of power, Morgan gives herself over to dark forces that allow her to threaten the court of Camelot from within.”

From all I’ve heard, Green plays the part passionately, with a sort of aggressive pre-cursor to Feminism fueling her strife and ambition. I’m sold. Can’t wait to check it out (not to mention the rest of the very tasty cast!).

Summer is the time for new TV, tasty bits of possible future TV (remember when they ran the first few episodes of Pretty Little Liars as a “summer” show and it turned into a big hit for ABC Family?), so tell me – what are you looking forward to? Do you have any favorite silver screen stars headed to television? Let’s give ourselves a hump-day break and gab about the tube!

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