#181; creating new routines every day

I’ve decided I like to eat breakfast in the morning. This is a revelation, let me tell you, because I’ve never been a ‘before noon’ eater before, and honestly never much of an eater at all. Lately I’ve been taking baby steps toward better physical and mental health as my move has given me the opportunity of a fresh start. I may have only grabbed a donut and a coffee this morning, but it was a step in the right direction. Last night I had soup & chicken farfalle for dinner, and I ate nearly all of it. Why are my eating habits blog-worthy? I’m taking steps every day to make myself healthier, to recognize my issues and tackle them, just like I’ve always done with everything else. And so I ask – what habits are you working to improve? What routines are you creating for yourself to make every day better than the last?

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