#101; things made of muchness

It’s Friday, and of course, I’m in love. A Friday list of a different nature… 10 things that are made of, to quote the Mad Hatter, muchness. [Of course I saw ‘Alice in Wonderland’ this week, I’m a dork! This weekend I’m looking forward to ‘Remember Me’ and maybe a ‘Dr. Who’ marathon…]

  1. Starting my morning commute off by stopping to say hello to the grounds keeper of the church next to my house.
  2. Every lovely incarnation of Carroll’s ‘Alice’ (especially the Syfy version, which I’m still obsessed with, but Burton’s was very pretty as well!).
  3. Macadamia nuts.
  4. Weekends with no plans whatsoever.
  5. Days that go like this: watching Congressional hearings on my favorite topics from the warmth of my K St office, meeting up with the DC Young Republicans for inspiring speakers and club business down on the Hill, heading to U St. to see some of my favorite local musicians do their thing at a packed Solly’s Tavern, and being home before 11 to curl up with my cat and sleep very soundly.
  6. New Music.
  7. Sneaking chocolate snacks in the morning with my coworkers. And ice cream at the office.
  8. Friends back in town on their respective spring breaks.
  9. Chuck, my newest addiction.
  10. Loved ones who truly respect & support me, through everything, despite their own agendas or desires. Friends who want me to the best version of myself wherever that takes me in life. Friends who will take me to the theater to get my mind off of things. Who will cancel their own dinners and plans because someone really needs them. Friends who invite you out to hookah in the middle of a Thursday night. Friends who know all my secrets.

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