#102; rain, rain, go away

The last few days have not been among my best. Have you ever fallen up stairs? It’s a little bit like catching your face on a cement curb, except with more momentum. Saturday I tripped and woke up Sunday morning with (my very first!) black eye, a split lip, a slight head injury, and a possibly broken left cheekbone. I spent yesterday very emotionally attached to an ice pack, and spent today’s rainy, cold excuse for a Spring day at the emergency room. I got my very first CT Scan! More firsts, yay!

So not only have the last few days been horribly chilly and rainy and gray, but I have literally been in and out of the ER. Perhaps tonight I’m a little on the cranky side. But hey, my face is fine (the CT was clean, woohoo!) and the Twitter & FB traffic was pretty hilarious throughout the entire ordeal. My favorites? How kind of you to ask… My favorite (aka, the funny ones) responses to various photos of my mangled face over the last two days in the Twitter-verse…

  • From @tscottyd: One things for certain no one will mess w/ you for a looooong time. You’re looking like YOU just knocked out Pachiao.
  • From @dcfisch: dear god you look swollen.
  • From a fellow Derby regular: her and the ground didn;t agree on something it looks like 😉
  • From a buddy from The Vagina Monologues: the hell?
  • From The Vagina Monologues‘ producer: Gah! I’m sure the other guy looks much worse.
  • From @emilycrockett: Oh honey!!!!! Lemme kiss it and make it better.
  • From @bp1222: Stairs: 1, Limbo: 0.
  • From @captaincourage: u poor little thing. That may be the most pathetic pic I’ve ever seen.

Of course, there was twice as much encouragement and offers to help me out than there were jokes, but the laughter (while painful considering how much you use your face when laughing!) was much needed and appreciated. Hope that your week has started off better than mine, and I’ll be back in sunnier days (and a much warmer mood, I’m sure) soon!

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