#100; sing, baby!

Wow – 100 posts?! In honor of this milestone, as well as my recent love for lists and the fact that we had Kostume Karaoke – Red Carpet Style last night, I’m listing my Top 5 Favorite Karaoke Songs (that I sing, because there would be a lot more Johnny Cash on any other kind of karaoke list), check them out after the jump.

5. “All That Jazz” – Chicago (OBC); you might notice I have a deep love of musical theater and Broadway music. I’m also naturally a pretty low voice, so I lean toward bluesy, jazz contemporary or old school just to make things easier on myself and anyone who has to listen. ‘Chicago’ has it all, and ‘All that Jazz’ is my audition piece in the Summer for musicals and operas anyway, so why not get in the practice while I can?!

4.”My Name Is” – Eminem; I have to give props to the white rapper in me, plus I love surprising people when I hit it all correctly.

3. “Baby We’re Going Down” – Fall Out Boy; I probably date my college scene years pretty well here but I still go nuts when this song comes on. Pretty emo boys singing well (in the original at least, not so much when I’m doing the KK version!), a seriously catchy chorus, and all the bridge-showing-off you can handle.

2. “Take me or Leave me” – Rent (Idina Menzel & Tracy Thoms); This is the only duet I absolutely have to do every time I go to karaoke, I can’t help it. One, it’s really suited to my vocal range which is so much fun. Two, girls always want to sing this so I never had trouble finding a partner. Three, IT’S RENT. Four, it’s easy to drive a crowd crazy with two girls cat fighting/singing/loving on a stage!

1. “Since You’ve Been Gone” – Kelly Clarkson; is there any better belting it out/bitter girl/get people stomping/pop song out there? In all of existence? I think not.

Don’t forget! Come on our and try your favorites with us at Kostume Karaoke as Solly’s – every other Wednesday all night long.

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