#099; getting tired of it

Jessica Wakeman, over at The Frisky, published a great post today titled “17 Phrases We’re Tired Of Hearing About Women” about the cutsie and/or insulting ways language refers to women. My biggest pet peeves from the list? Princess; Drama Queen; Being a Pussy. Seriously – since when did being associated with pussy become a bad thing? Always? That just seems so weird in my book! You’d think people – especially straight men who probably use the phrase more than others (I’m seeing jocks and popped-collars in my mind when I hear the phrase) would want to be associated with pussy.

by shobe90 via tumblr

But I digress. The article got me thinking about things I am tired of hearing about women or because I’m a woman. My list, after the jump.

  1. Girls don’t drink whiskey. In reality, whiskey is the only thing me and my girls tend to drink (except our sunday mimosas and bloody marys, but give me a 7&7 or a jack and diet any day of the week).
  2. I’m “a boy” because I’m not all “yeasty” (to quote dear friend BP) and when I get all “yeasty” (I think he means at all emotional?) it “creeps him out”. I have seen fully grown men act this way – everyone gets emotional about some things – would you call it YEASTY if it was a male linebacker or Marine? I thought not.
  3. I’m a “tom boy” because I don’t wear make up. Worse? When people ask me why I’m wearing make up – sometimes it’s just nice, most of the time I couldn’t be bothered. How hard is that to understand? Men wear sportscoats to dive bars when they want to feel important, I put on mascara, let it go.
  4. Women with short hair are obviously lesbians.
  5. Bisexual woman just want the attention.
  6. All women are liberal democrats.
  7. All women are victims.
  8. Women are incapable of ‘dating around’. My girl friends are SO much better at keeping track of suiters than my guys friends, and against the stereotypes, the girls in my life are the ones far less emotionally attached than the men.
  9. All women like to shop. Unless it’s for books or music, I very rarely can be bothered.
  10. I’m friends with a man, thus I must be trying to steal him from his girlfriend. Really? There is seriously so much relationship insecurity in this city sometimes it makes my head spin.
  11. All women are on a diet/starving themselves. Yes, I weigh 90 pounds, but I doubt I’ve ever actually tried to diet a day in my life. I happen to enjoy food, and drink, and dessert, and everything else about ingesting.
  12. Woman = Feminist. Please don’t ever assume anything about my politics just because of my gender.
  13. All women are bitches.
  14. I’m tired of the phrase “hoe”.
  15. Women hate each other. My mother is my best friend in the world. My closest friends are women from the ages of 19 to 45 from all over the world. I encourage them, support them, celebrate their victories, and mourn their losses. There is nothing like the bond between women – sisters, lovers, friends, family – so if you see us being catty, assume it’s out of love!

I suppose these are mostly stereotypes that drive me up the wall, but don’t you have any of those? Things that just grate on you? To quote Peter Griffin of Family Guy, it really ‘grinds my gears’!

What stereotypes really irritate you? Are they based on gender? Race? Politics? Religion? Geography? Feel free to vent here!

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