#095; technical difficulties

Not of the website variety but of the Limbo sort! I just wanted to apologize to everyone – music fans and bands especially! – for having been MIA as of late. Real Life has been quite the foe and I’ve been sick on top of it! I’m hoping my posts will be getting back to normal soon, starting tonight with my heading out soon to see Adrian Hardkor headline IOTA for his digital album release party. The album is great (as if I don’t know all of his music just from seeing him live so many times, lol) with work from some truly talented local and national artists, so you should definitely check it out! I’ll have coverage of the show up this week, as well as an exclusive download of Adrian doing his take on “Pinky & the Brain”, so be sure to check us out soon for some great stuff!

Don’t forget to come out tonight for the show! 8pm @ IOTA in Clarendon, and save me a dance if you do!

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