#200; to celebrate new beginnings

My life has been all about new beginnings in so many ways over the last year, and to celebrate finally being settled here in Boston, my 200th post with atlimbo.com, and all the great things on the horizon, I’m announcing some construction around here! Atlimbo.com is undergoing some changes, as I’m sure you’ve seen recently.Continue reading “#200; to celebrate new beginnings”

#176; testing 1 2 3… it’s so hard to say goodbye

This morning myself and Tier got up at 5am, drove an hour, and sat freezing on a park bench for twenty minutes. Then we drove another hour home. It will be my last sunrise on the Virginia coast. VA Beach is beautiful that time of day (heck, anytime of day) and I’m going to miss it. ToContinue reading “#176; testing 1 2 3… it’s so hard to say goodbye”

#136; Limbo needs your help

Blogoverse! I need your help! By the end of this October (most likely on 10/23/2010) I am planning to take my GRE (finally). I’m terrified and have quite literally procrastinated this for over five years. Five years. I’m only 26; let’s consider this… I’ve been putting off taking this exam for 1/5th of my life. I’m beyondContinue reading “#136; Limbo needs your help”