#096; suddenly.

I had intended to post my review of the IOTA Adrian Hardkor show/digital release today, but then other news came to light via DC Blogs and I felt I had to post something about it here at this moment.

I found out today that former DC blogger Boztopia passed away last month… I knew Boz (Martin Bosworth) back when I was writing in Dupont (under a long-deleted moniker) and he was incredibly kind and welcoming. We often argued politics and when I spent a Spring staying completely sober, he’d join me in a soda water at DC Blogger happy hours. My friendship with him was a sad casualty of time, as I stopped blogging for quite a while due to safety concerns and other obligations. I continued reading his sites, however, and kept his notes of advice from those years ago to thumb through online when it felt appropriate. He was always leaving encouraging words on my sites through an incredibly difficult time for me, something I’m grateful for to this day.

I haven’t seen him in, easily, 2 or 3 years now, but to hear of his death still puts a shadow over me. Boz was always a kind, brilliant, talented man and when he moved to LA (for a job), DC lost something very valuable. Now, it feels like everyone has.

He was 35-years-old, and mostly very healthy until recently. It may have been a long while since I’ve seen him, since his warm hug and infectious smile have cheered me through a rough day, but he’ll be missed.

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