#066; family friday love!

That’s right, it’s Friday, and I’m in Love. This week all the love is brought to you by my fantastic parents, who are in DC to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary!

Instead of being able to make the 16+ hour drive to visit their grandkids (my adorable-because-they’re-not-my-kids nephews) up north, my Mom & Dad opted for a weekend in the city. Tonight I have the pleasure of taking them to dinner (at one of my father’s old favorites from my student days, Cheesecake Factory) and tomorrow (after a day milling about the city doing nothing particularly taxing) my friends and I are showing them a night on the town, U St. Style. Sunday will be a lazy day of shopping and then they’ll head back south like the snowbirds they are.

I love when my parents visit – my Dad with his intense political views (very opposite from my own), Mom and our search for the best margarita in DC… Not to mention, the fact that they would want me to join them to celebrate something so monumental (and rare these days!) means so much, and gives what little hope there is in me for things like this a little boost.

So here’s to them, and many more anniversaries just like this, and the hope it inspires in those of us who aren’t there yet. It’s Friday, what are you in love with?

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