#067; Friday I’m in Love

It’s been a busy week, so I haven’t been around much to bother you all with posts, but here I am again to tout some things that have made me particularly happy this week. It’s Friday, and I’m in love!

  • Pandora – I resisted Pandora’s radio station glee for a long while, being a big devotee of Last.FM’s ocd-music-tracking addiction, and didn’t think the two could exist in the same heart space. I was so wrong! My Pandora station does what my Last.FM account doesn’t, pinpointing exactly what new artists and old favorites I didn’t even know I needed to be listening to.
  • Being sent flowers… Yesterday, I received anonymous flowers to my office, and I still haven’t a clue whom their from, having asked my best friends and family point blank! They are pink and purple, lovely, and came with the most uplifting unsigned note. I haven’t gotten flowers since, I believe, Valentine’s Day, and something so small and thoughtful has had me on cloud 9 these last two days.
  • Adams Morgan – I’ve rediscovered this party spot in the city after years of neglect (college leaves a certain after taste with things like this, I think) and can’t be grateful enough. With live venues like AsylumMadam’s Organ, and TomTom (where I saw their comedy open mic for the first time this week), it’s walkability from U St., and overall great neighborhood vibe, I’m excited to be checking it out as something other than just another drunken college partier. Blues bars, jam bands, and Asylum’s Golden Sprints are sure to have me coming back for more all winter.

And that’s it from me, folks. Like I said, it’s been a busy week, but very little of it has been spent online for once! I enjoyed live music, checking out new happy hour venues, kostume karaoke of the Solly’s sort, really good food, amazing live theater (in the form of As you like it at the Shakespeare Theater last night), and a lot of time with my best friends. This weekend brings more settling in at the new homestead and a trip to lovely Baltimore for my Little Sister’s (proud fellow sorority alumna) wedding long weekend!

So, it’s Friday. What are you loving?

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