#024; when all else fails

My attempt last week at being ‘positive’, rather obviously, didn’t last long. It’s been one FML-worthy moment after another this past week, but I shall struggle on and here I am again with things that cheer me up in otherwise… up and down times here in Limbo. (I went there – I’m so ambiguous these days I’m resorting to bad puns and word play).

Screen on the Green

Screen on the Green

Poolside Sundays

Poolside Sundays

2} Poolside cocktails with friends! What is a DC Summer without little bikinis, ice cold margaritas, and your besties?

Sleep, you fickle mistress!

3} Sleep; a very tumultuous relationship in my life in my mid-twenties. Yes, the third thing that makes me happy (and yet also somehow drives me mad, but isn’t that how all true love is?) is very simple, very deep sleep. I don’t get sleep often enough, and when I do, there never seems to be enough of it (though I am a believer in ‘too much of a good thing’ being bad, I have yet to hit that point with slumber). My love affair with sleep has come in handy over the years – 24 hours in an ice storm, in a car, crammed in the back with two fellow-College Republicans passed in the blink of an eye thanks to my ability to just crash out. Even then? Woke up tired (then again, that might just be 18-years-old for you?). Tonight I plan on getting re-acquainted with this old friend and I can’t wait. Isn’t it thrilling?

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A #nerd for TV, fandom, politics, music, & the #WritingCommunity. Slytherin. Rebel Scum. ESTP-A. I put the B in LGBTQ.

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