#023; ‘Monday Yay’ the First

I am attempting to be a big fan of positive thinking. I’ve never been particularly good at this lifestyle, but I’m trying. (Really? With a blog dedicated to life lived in apathetic limbo, me? Positive? Sunshiney? Who would have guessed). But my point is this: Monday’s are the hardest possible day to feel good about the world. Monday brings reality crashing back into my blissfully ignorant existence, and so I’m doing something about that. And I am calling it – cheesily enough – Monday Yay. See? It rhymes. That’s cheerful in and of itself!

So anyway, Monday Yay; what is it? It’s a list – graphical and otherwise, whatever strikes my fancy – of things that are currently (or, more appropriately, over the past weekend) making me happy. Cheering me up. Getting me through my dad. And here are my very first three:

LiLo in Short Shorts

1} It being the time of year for super-short shorts! Seriously – I finally went out and bought myself a pair of shorts (okay, so they’re not that short, but they’re still tinier than anything I’ve attempted before!) and I’m loving it. It’s sunshine on your skin, shoes that make your legs look longer, and just the general feel of Summer finally upon us.

Washington DC

2} Wandering around this city on warm Summer nights by myself. I spent my Saturday night all by my lonesome, in a Summer-y dress and flip flops wandering from U St. corridor down to 18th and up into Adams Morgan for some great Blues at Madams Organ – the Chris Bell Band was playing and they had the place in a serious mood, it was fantastic. Around 12 I decided it was time to get some food and walked back down to U St. enjoying a warm breeze and the fact that this is the sort of city that you can walk between two of the hottest districts in town in about ten minutes.

Guitars in pretty colors especially

3} Acoustic guitar. As soon as my opera ends I’m going to be starting lessons! I’ve always wanted to learn how to play an instrument and being surrounded by such awesome music and dipping my toes back in the pool with ‘Iolanthe’ I feel like I’m finally ready to dive in. Wish me luck!

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