#022; It isn’t easy being Green (aka #4)

It isnt easy being Green

It isn’t easy being Green

In the spirit of The Top Ten Things Every Green Blogger Must Do (it’s a parody, folks), I come to you with my very own Green Top Ten – the Top Ten Green Cliches I’ve Fallen Victim To (also a parody, folks, though these are some things that I’ve done, somewhat sadly).

  1. I have officially written a blog entry titled “It isn’t easy being Green”
  2. I have taken to capitalizing the word ‘Green’ when discussing all things philosophically environmentalist (I have also taken to using the phrase philosophically environmentalist).
  3. I have owned hemp clothing and tried to dred my hair (very straight and silky short hair – it was not a successful experiment).
  4. I claim one of the main reasons I love living in a Metro-able city is because I don’t want to own a car because of damage it would do to the world to drive it every day.
  5. I claim that I would love to go Vegan for the environmental impact (I do try to do the ‘one day a week’ thing, though, so at least that’s something?).
  6. At my first blog (‘The View from Dupont’), I had a guest blogger write lots about Al Gore during the whole ‘Inconvenient Truth’ policy tour thing. You know, right after he became a big Hollywood movie star with his Oscar (or was he a Nobel Laureate? Oh yeah, he was both, and yet…).
  7. I have more than once been very frustrated by rental living and the lack of control we have over our environmental impact.
  8. I have spent an evening out at a Vegan bar. Seriously. Soy White Russians, no joke, and they’re much better than they sound.
  9. I DO have a Twitter account (@atlimbo) and DO indeed follow @TreeHugger, @Grist, and @PlanetGreen (though, it’s funny, Treehugger’s been one of my favorite online communities since long before I ‘became Green’ thanks to their amazing shopping guidelines…).
  10. I have officially created a Top 10 List. (What are some of your favorites?)

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