#021; learning something new every day

I am currently stepping into an entirely new area of study for me, thanks to work. I’ve always focused on US policy and politics, with the exception of an odd obsession with Latin American economics when I was in college. That phase passed for me, though, and I went back to worrying solely about the goings on in our backyard of DC. Now, I find myself branching out once more. My interests in energy and environmentalism (which I’m working on a post about as well, my strange journey to becoming ‘green’) have lead me to deal more and more with international markets, security issues, trade research, and foreign cultures. Today, for example, I am spending the day diving head first into African politics.

I like to think this is one of the best things about Limbo – the ability to change your mind about things, explore new areas of interests or hobbies, and expand your philosophy and experiences through your time floating, but…

Where does one begin? When you find yourself intrigued by something you’ve no clue about – how do you start? I’ve always been the sort to find a book, or Wiki a subject, but with such a broad topic as this one, I find myself at a loss. I’d love your suggestions, not just for this area of study, but in general. How do you go about learning something new every day?

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