#020; listen to your heart

The LGBT community and equal rights movement have a lot of reasons to dislike former VP Dick Cheney – the man saw his own administration denounce gay rights for years even though he claimed to be proud of and supportive of his openly lesbian daughter, Mary (though to give him credit he tried to stay away from the “save marriage amendment” battle and in 2000 stated it was a states’ rights issue). However, I had to admit that a part of me cheered this morning when I read this piece in the Post about his remarks yesterday.

Not only do I agree that marriage is a state issue (don’t people know that what is federal is a very narrow list?!), but I was so excited to see someone bringing up the issue in the Press, and a conservative at that! My favorite quote from this piece is this:

Cheney’s position appears also to put him to the left of the current president on the issue. President Obama has said he supports civil unions, rather than marriage, for gay men and lesbians.

I put my support behind Obama in the primaries and have been very little except for disappointed in him since his Inauguration. The social issues that he said he would tackle – being openly pro-choice on a policy level, DADT – haven’t hardly been touched. The President’s speech at Notre Dame was a baby step that I was grateful for, but when is this incredibly liberal Administration – with the backing of both chambers of Congress, by the way – going to really do something with it all? I understand we have the economy to deal with, and that now they’re running corporations and all of that, but when will basic human rights become an issue they want to deal with? When will this administration stop hiding from those issues?

I may not agree with Cheney on a lot of things, and he may have been more quiet than I like on this particular issue in the past – but it’s just refreshing to see someone speaking openly about the issue and getting the dialog going. So, something I’m not sure I never thought I’d say: props to you, Cheney.

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