#153; Taste of the Week Nº3 – Candice Accola

Like most of the 13-40 year old female gender, I cannot get enough of The Vampire Diaries, and so your Taste of the Week #3 is none other than vampire-in-training, ass-kicking, high heels & black eyeliner rocking, blonde Carolina Forbes (aka Candice Accola, who is actually the Taste of the Week: her talent, style, modeling shoots…? Yeah, it’s... Continue Reading →

#099; getting tired of it

Jessica Wakeman, over at The Frisky, published a great post today titled “17 Phrases We’re Tired Of Hearing About Women” about the cutsie and/or insulting ways language refers to women. My biggest pet peeves from the list? Princess; Drama Queen; Being a Pussy. Seriously – since when did being associated with pussy become a bad thing?... Continue Reading →

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