#210; two months worth of Tasty (Nº9)!

I could not believe my eyes when I saw it had been nearly two months since my last Tasty! While I’m still in awe of Seth Meyers and his political wit (because we all know I have a thing for political smarty-pants), I have fully moved on in my Hollywood Crush tastes. It was simple, you see, because True Blood‘s fourth season aired on HBO last Sunday and I have thought of nothing but since catching the premier! While there has been a ton of change in Bon Tomps since last summer’s season 3 finale, I’ll leave the reviewing to those better qualified than I, and instead give you what you really want: awesome photos of our favorite evil/or-is-he? vampire ever, Eric Northman. Aka, today’s Tasty is the versatile and gorgeous Alexander Skarsgård. After the jump, see some of my favorites!


Published by tmstanton

A #nerd for TV, fandom, politics, music, & the #WritingCommunity. Slytherin. Rebel Scum. ESTP-A. I put the B in LGBTQ.

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