№350; January.

Somehow, I only wrote 7,548 words in January. I don’t have a specific word count goal for 2020, but I want to beat last year (I wrote 116,205 in 2019) and 7,548 just ain’t gonna cut it. If I write 10,000 words per month, I’ll beat it. Of course, that’s not counting the 50k I do every November for NaNoWriMo! So I’m actually looking at a goal of roughly 160,000 words in 2020. It seems like an approachable goal.

In contrast, I read over 86,700 words in fiction. I find the winter months much easier to slip through with fiction and fantasy rather than trying to force my own brain into some sort of motivation. I have not touched my monstrous work-in-progress, Finding Grace, even though I promised myself I would at least finish the current draft this year.

I attribute some of this to S.A.D. and some to general winter laziness. My energy almost always tanks in the colder months – not that we’ve had too many cold days this year, thank you Global Warming? – and my pain definitely flairs up the colder I am. So winter, for me, tends to be a time of sleeping and ‘hibernating’ and whining, more than a time for creative pursuits.

But! That’s enough woe is me. I’ve got some fun things in the works – including Guest Posts from some awesome up-and-coming writers! – and with the start of the longer-than-usual February, I’m going to put some plans into action. First and foremost: get my butt writing again and it that seemingly elusive 10,000 word count goal before March 1st!

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