№348; questions/answers.

Remember how I was so excited that I would finally be getting (some) answers regarding my pain and mobility issues? Yeah, be careful what you wish for.

As of yesterday, I have an official diagnosis and a specialist doc. But man. I thought the not knowing was hard, it is nothing compared to the knowing absolutely nothing can be done.

I have a diagnosis, so technically my big question has been answered, but without a cure or even a surefire treatment, having that so-called big question answered doesn’t do me any good!

On the plus side, my doctors assure me this is not the worst diagnosis, though it can be frustrating and painful and annoying. It’s not terminal even if it’s permanent. It could be much worse that it is.

So while I’ve learned my lesson about wishing – be careful what you wish for! – I am grateful in a big way and no doubt on my way toward lessons of patience and peace.

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