№316 ❛one month in❜

  • 2018 is roaring along far too quickly for my liking. We’re already at the end of January and barreling down the calendar toward Spring. I’m already learning a lot and have already gotten walloped a couple of times, if I’m honest. After a couple of weeks with the new Flu from hell, IContinue reading “№316 ❛one month in❜”

• 313 • well, here we go again •

• there’s glitter on the floor after the party • Last night, I rang in the new year with local friends at a neighborhood pub. We got all dressed up, did up our make-up, suffered in very tall high heels, and drank way too much champagne. The pub had a free (delicious and varied!) buffet dinnerContinue reading “• 313 • well, here we go again •”

#187; it’s goin’ around

I want my cold to DIAF. Scratchy throat? Check. Mildly feverish? Check. Lack of attention span? Check. Social plans on hold until further notice? Most Annoying Check Of All. General crummy feeling? Oh yeah. That too. So I look to you, my geniuses and savants, my mom readers and fellow crazy twenty-somethings… Help a girlContinue reading “#187; it’s goin’ around”