(302) life has a funny way

CQaG0UuVEAA84osWe’re in the middle of my very first Hurricane Season here in Myrtle Beach. I grew up with South Carolina Hurricanes, thanks to my family vacation (two weeks on the Boardwalk every August) falling toward the end of the summer, and my family’s love of ridiculous weather (yes, my Dad was That Guy who would sit on the balcony of our hotel during tropical storms, For The Laughs).

I have to admit, I’m proud of myself for driving in the weather this morning. This driving rain is not a friend to my very little car. However, the change in the seasons – and the abrupt change in weather – has gotten me thinking about how much my life has changed in the last six months.

I moved to South Carolina with no job, no car, no apartment, and no plan. I knew my best friend – Kat of fiction site katmeagher.com – was going to join me, and that my parents were willing to let me use their guest room for a bit, but that was it. Said guest room is in their house 45+ minutes from Myrtle Beach, where I knew all of my job prospects would be, and so not a tenable long-term situation, and with their cat being of the sickly nature and terrified of dogs, Kat wouldn’t be able to move in, either.

And so I forked out the last of my savings for a moving truck and Boston-Bestie Jake (economist extraordinaire, who, thanks to being an economist, probably had a lot of thoughts about my crazy move and crazy scheme and crazy lack of a back-up plan, but kept his mouth shut, as Besties do) and I drove the 16+ hours down the East Coast. Well, Jake drove. I sang along to the staticky radio and napped, mostly.

And here I find myself five months later. I have a job I love – granted, it’s never one I envisioned myself in! – not far from the coast, an apartment with my best friend Kat just minutes from the beach, and a car that causes a lot of headaches but gets me from home to work without too much protest. I’ve made some friends, I read more, I stress less about politics and meetings and Boards. I’ve picked up crocheting again. Hell, I’ve even started 168016-Everything-Happens-For-A-Reasonblogging again (obviously). My life is quieter here in the South, and I’m saving money, and drinking less, and smoking a lot more. I’m not “happy” but, to quote The Oatmeal, I’m busy, I’m interested, I’m fascinated.

I’ve always truly believed that everything happens for a reason, and while my last months in Boston were hard – heart breaking, exhausting, physically & emotionally painful – I feel that I’ve come through all of that so that I could be here now. If that isn’t a good reason for the shitty & confusing & unexpected things in life, I don’t what is.

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