(303) MusicMonday (“Cold Water”)

This is only my second week and I’m a day late, I feel like this isn’t a good sign for things to come here at atlimbo.net, but let’s just pretend it’s still Monday, and still Labor Day, at that, yeah?

I’ve never been a huge Justin Bieber fan, but when he works with the right producer (aka when he works with Usher), I’m all for it and the release of Major Lazer’s latest is no exception. Written by Diplo (probably the biggest member of Major Lazer), Benny Blanco, Ed Sheeran, MØ, Justin Bieber, Jamie Scott, Philip Meckseper and Henry Allen, the song is basically everything that is good and right about white pop right now. I love this song so much that I can actually be quoted on twitter as saying: “Diplo can do no wrong. Then writing with Benny Blanco & Ed Sheeran?! Rebecca Black could sing it and I’d buy it.

I sound way cooler on twitter than I really am.

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