#325; Friday I’m in Love

It’s been nearly a year since I last posted a Friday I’m in Love, but this week I’m feeling so incredible blessed, and yes, lucky, that I absolutely had to make a list. You see, this past Wednesday I turned 30-years-old. And so here we go, a very special birthday edition of Friday I’m in Love.

→ Family: my Mom is insane and I love her – she’s been visiting to celebrate with us all week and has brought with her confidence, pride, love, and comfort (as only your mother can). Also in town (as an incredible birthday surprise!) is one of my oldest friends in this world, Chipmunk. He flew in from Dallas and showed up to my birthday party without a word of notice!

→ Friends: my friends have been so supportive and excited this week! We killed it at karaoke at our local bar (the Banshee, the best damned Irish pub in all of Boston proper), and rocked a Pitch Perfect watching after-party here at home after. I’m feeling that I truly have a place in a network of funny, caring, wonderful friends and I can’t put into words how good that feels after years of searching.

→ Toys: I have so many new toys now! My boyfriend went above and beyond and got me the most perfect Nike Fuelband (even in the right color!) and I’ve already made goal (on my first day). Mom picked up a Samsung tablet for me, and I’ve been playing with apps all day now.

→ Plain dumb luck: After being laid off in October of last year, I’ve had a rough time getting back on the horse. My confidence was… let’s say, shaken. In April, I applied for an events position with an office in Jamaica Plain and after a long process – in which I made it to the top two – I didn’t get the job. I was pretty heartbroken, the job seemed to be everything I could have ever wanted. And then they called me the next day and asked me to come in for a conversation about something else. Much longer story short: on August 4th I’m starting as a full-time Communications Consultant with the Institute for Policy Studies, in their Boston office, working full-time on oil divestment and tax reform issues. I cannot wait, even if I am nervous. Getting back into communications and getting my confidence back feels like a dream finally coming true.

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