#307; summertime in the city

As we approach my favorite holiday of the year (Fourth of July, of course), I took a moment today to catch up on “real life” work and realized suddenly that this summer has been much busier than most. It helps that in Massachusetts the campaign cycle seems to never end, but I’ve been happy to be social, sunny, and simple throughout the month of June.

Starting off the month, I was excited to be welcomed onto the Mike Lake campaign for Lt. Governor (which, along with Governor, is voted in November of 2014). I first joined as the 2013 Convention Coordinator, helping to organize their presence in Lowell on July 13th. When the campaign Volunteer Director moved on, I moved into that role and have been speaking with incredible volunteers and Party activists from across the state since. I’m looking forward to getting together with Democrats in Lowell in two weeks and representing the campaign as we move forward.

Of course, much closer on the calender are the city elections going on here in Boston. We’ve got 60+ candidates for City Council and/or Mayor and the kick-offs started in earnest a few months ago but the summer months bring out the all the picnics, voter registration drives, and carnivals you can stand! I’ve checked out quite a few of the Mayoral candidates and am so proud of my chosen candidate Felix Arroyo as he stands up for public education and other incredible progressive issues and organizes a grassroots and intersectional campaign. I’ve also been helping out with Suzanne Lee’s campaign for District 2 City Councilor, as I did when I first moved to Boston a little over two years ago. I’ve found myself more in tune with my personal and professional ideals, and acting on them. It’s been a freeing, strengthening process.

Of course, we already have much to celebrate this summer! Our new Senator Ed Markey joining Elizabeth Warren. Sen. Wendy Davis (literally!) standing up for what’s right, standing up for women. DOMA has been declared unconstitutional and same-sex couples in 13 states and DC now receive all Federal benefits and international couples will no longer be torn apart by deportation.

Next up? We have the Mass Dems’ state convention, YDM’s annual convention, my brother is getting married, the GBYD will have elections in September, and the Young Democrats of America are meeting in San Antonio in August. Outside of politics? I’m taking part in July’s Camp Nanowrimo and watching a lot of True Blood with my boyfriend in our too-hot Dorchester apartment. My mom is in town for the Fourth and we’ll be baking in the sun together on Carson Beach all day on the holiday. All my worries about my mojo and my energy seem to be seeping away in the sunlight, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

How’s your summer looking?

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