#306; that’s what makes us grown-ups

Food for thought from a fellow Boston blogger… Do you set your dreams aside in the name of ‘adulthood’? Or do you let them roam free daily? How is your life different based on the answer to those questions?

“And that’s what grown-ups do. Rather, that’s what RESPONSIBLE grown-ups do. We eat our vegetables. We say please and thank you. We go to work and are thankful for the privilege. We save our dreams for the end of the day with our pillows. We do the safe and right and good things, because that’s what grown-ups do. That’s what separates us from children. That’s what makes us grown-ups.

And yet… I remain full of “what ifs?”. I remain tantalized and enticed by possibility. And I can’t help wondering how miserable I’d be if I kept on this path – this comfortable predictable path – and stopped dreaming. And never gave myself a chance to try while I’m still young enough to fail and recover. I’m sure that life would be OK, even WONDERFUL in some ways. But I’d always wonder. Forever. And that’s no way to live.

So, here I go: nervous, excited, motivated, hungry, curious, and a little ignorant. And, if I fail, so what! At least I’ll know, right? And if I don’t fail, maybe I’ll get to make a few of my dreams come true. Is it worth the risk?” – formerly known as the bostonchronicles

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