#280; The MA Inaugural Ball

398142_10151408380410428_2012469007_nOn January 21st, Washington DC rolled out the red carpet for the entire world; celebrating our democratic processes and inaugurating President Barack Obama for a second time. This is the first Inauguration of my adult life that I didn’t plan to be sitting in the bleachers, standing in the freezing cold, watching in person in DC. Instead, I watched the Address and the pageantry from the comfort of my living room couch in Dorchester. I’ll admit, it was nice to be able to feel my fingers and toes by the end of the events.

It was hard, too, though. To be away from it all. Not to see the President with my own eyes, hear his words and feel the sound of them resonating in my chest with a rumble from the monstrous speakers surrounding the National Mall. It made me miss aspects of my life in DC that I’ve long since packed away. Made me miss my best friends and my high profile nights out. But Boston made the best of it and the Young Democrats of Massachusetts threw a party to celebrate our wins, our President, and his incredible Address.

With a DJ spinning all night, tuxedos, slinky dancing dresses, and all the fixin’s, the Young Democrats took over Naga in Cambridge. It may not have been the Presidential Ball, but this group and young and young-at-heart Democrats deserved the night of revelry, after giving thousands of volunteer hours to Obama, Warren, and countless local races across the state last year. I’ve rarely seen such dedication, such belief, and such passion from any other group.

Whether dancing with Cambridge City Councillor Leland Cheung, celebrating the wins of many awesome women candidates with YDM National Committeewoman Elaine Almquist, or cheering on YDM Chair John Kleschinsky‘s toasts, the party was a blast and I’m sorry to say we won’t have another until four years from now when the Democrats keep the White House again!

If you’d like to get involved or learn more, check out YDM at ydma.org!

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