#279; raise your glass

Cheers to a new year! I hope that 2013 has been treating you all well. It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since I last checked in here, but I’ve been a very busy girl and have thought long and hard as to how I want to continue using this space.

This blog has fluctuated over the years between art, philosophy, politics, night life, and rambling; appropriately enough I’ve done the same in my real life and I find them all coming closer together the older I get. Art and philosophy influence my politics, my politics dominate my social life. Moving to Boston nearly two years ago, I felt as if I was starting over all over again, but I’ve learned that we never truly start over. Pieces of us from all of our walks of life come together to make us the people that we are. I’m a former Republican, I’m a southerner at heart despite growing up in New England, I’m constantly under-weight, I’m a lapsed Catholic. I fell in love when I was 18 and never shook it off, and that boy is now the man I hope to spend my life with. In the years between, I became a rape survivor, an activist for mental health awareness and treatment, and an outspoken proponent for equal rights from medical concerns (reproductive and otherwise) to equal protection under the law. My trials and my triumphs have made me who I am. My losses and lows have made me stronger.

And so I’m back, writing again, and accepting that all those different parts of me, and all those different parts of this blog have finally come together. It’s been a wonderful, crazy journey, and I feel like I’m only beginning.

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